Signs You’re on the Right Path

When you’re in your element, in flow, your experience creates that wonderful feeling ‘I belong here.’ Yes, I’m on the right path! From this place it is easy to observe your energy, and see clearly what grows it, what drains it, and what sustains it. Navigating this path is comfortable.  

But what about when the path becomes less clear and uncomfortable? Am I still on the right path? The answer is usually yes.

When you are up to something big, something meaningful, especially something that is outside your comfort zone, count on resistance and fear to show up. Fear and resistance are normal and a sign you are on the right path.  

Moving through fear and resistance is uncomfortable. You may have trouble sleeping, you may question yourself and your decisions, or you might become paralyzed; not able to see what comes next, or unable to take the next step. It is common to put more pressure on yourself to ‘get back on track’, but it’s a forced effort and the motivation and momentum dearly needed are nowhere to be found. You end up stalled, stuck, fumbling, or confused. ‘I must be on the wrong path!’ Not necessarily true.  

It is normal to meet resistance and fear on the right path. This fact can trick us, tripping us up even further. Now more than ever you must be willing to move ahead, especially when the path becomes unclear. Just like driving in the fog, it is important to slow down, confirm your destination, and discern what is needed next.   

No journey is easy and you may face continual challenges. Don’t be deterred, expect challenges and see them as part of the process as you move ahead. Remind yourself that yes you are on the right path. Being patient, and having a sense of humor can be very helpful until the fog lifts and the going gets easier.

Making a commitment to yourself and acting on what is important to you is truly one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It can also be one of the most challenging endeavors faced.  

If you continue to get stalled, stuck, overwhelmed, or confused you may be on the right path but need some help. Your journey is your own, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. 

As a professional coach I help my clients get past the places where they normally get stuck.  Through a collaborative process I work with clients to:

  •  clarify their vision
  • create a series of small attainable goals that create momentum and progress
  • build skills to face challenges and move through resistance and fear with grace
  • discern key areas to invest time, energy, and money so progress happens more easily
  • teach them how to create the sustainable meaningful change they desire

If you want help, I would be delighted to hear from you, contact me.