Ready for a New Beginning?

Ready for a new beginning?
How to get out of the rut and enjoy life

I’m too busy is an all-too-common internal dialogue that keeps us from doing what we’d love to be doing.  I’m stuck, I don’t have the energy, I have so many responsibilities and obligations I can’t possibly take time to breathe let alone enjoy myself.

Some common things we think we need to do to make life better include:


This simply is not true. It may sound counterintuitive but follow me. We think we need to say ‘no’ in order to create space in our life for the good stuff. Wrong. We don’t need to learn how to say no; we have known how to say ‘no’ since the age of 2.

I’ve learned from Dr. Maria Nemeth at the Academy for Coaching Excellence that what we really need to develop is a skill for saying YES! When you say YES! to what you really want in life, you experience uplift, momentum, joy and fulfillment.

I’m going to share with you another secret to success I’ve learned from Dr. Nemeth:

Being Willing

Yes, it really is that simple.  Being willing is your own personal superpower.

Time management and prioritizing are two myths that get in the way of success.

How excited does anyone get when they say “Time Management”?  UGH! Seriously, say it to yourself right now. Time Management. It’s a real downer right?

Now say to yourself I am willing. Hmmm, that has a different ring to it doesn’t it? Notice that.  It’s important.

Now put the magic word ‘Nevertheless’ in front of it.

Nevertheless, I am willing

Wow! There’s now a way to energize what matters to you.

‘Nevertheless, I am willing’ is a key mindset tool to saying YES! to you, your life, and what is important to you right now.

See if any of these ring true for you:

On my day off I have a list of things I must do before I can play or rest. I rarely get to the ‘play and rest’ part.

I’m tired much of the time, but can’t seem to get to sleep or stay asleep.

I’m distracted.

I’m not spending enough quality time with those I love or the activities I enjoy.

I want to have life goals, but I just can’t think about them right now.

Whether your target is spending time with a loved one, a hobby you enjoy, changing careers, building your business, or taking care of yourself; the simple mindset tool, nevertheless, I am willing can create the space and path to experiencing more and more of what you want.

Being willing is the momentum that fuels your goals and dreams. When you learn to focus your attention on what has meaning, you are unstoppable, no matter what shows up. Nevertheless, I am willing is a game changer.

The voice inside your head is usually the one that creates a barrier to what you want. It’s the mind saying I’m too busy, or it’s a stupid idea, or they don’t have time, or nobody will like it, or why am I even bothering, I’m no good at this.

When we can hear that voice, notice it, pause, and nevertheless be willing to take one small step forward. This is where the magic happens. Your brain naturally highlights opportunities to act on what is important to you while setting aside that which is not important. When we see what matters to us and direct our attention on it, the things that don’t matter naturally fall away.

When we focus our energy on areas of life that have meaning, that’s where we experience joy, fulfillment, accomplishment, success and happiness.

As an Academy for Coaching Excellence trained coach, I support your agenda for your life.  Through coaching it is possible to discover what is important, move through normal stopping points, and create the success you want and deserve.

It’s easy to get mired and tangled in the crazy web we’ve created. Being willing allows your energy to become un-stuck, less frazzled, and lift you out of the rut of habitual behaviors.

Coaching supports you to see clearly so the road to success is open and easy to travel.  Get on with what you’ve been waiting for far too long.

Your success is unique to you, just like your voice or fingerprint.  I offer complimentary discovery sessions so you can check out and see if coaching is a fit for you now or in the future.

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