Hole vs Whole

Are your daily thoughts and actions contributing to a whole or filling a hole?  

A hole is a hollow place, a void, a small and unpleasant place. We fill the holes in us with busyness, food, endless scrolling and searching on the internet and social media. Holes can manifest as physical and emotional pain. We fill these holes with complaints, medications, drugs, excuses, and self-loathing. 

Our culture is full of distractions and attention-getters that on the surface seem useful, but end up robbing our life of meaning, energy, and money. Society entices us to think we are doing something helpful and worthy because we see others doing it too. We continue in the cycle of scurrying around squandering our resources and wasting our time.

With time we grow insidiously misinformed that we are other, compartmentalized and walled-off from ourself. We believe this. Seriously, we believe this! The result is feeling trapped, stuck, or resigned to just keep plugging along. More holes, more voids, and the need to continually fill them. 

Fragments and ‘parts’ of us are really a myth; an illusion of the mind being a crafty brain high-jacker. Like a pre-teen grabbing the keys to the car and taking it out for a joy ride, your body dutifully follows along while the disconnected, automatic, unawake brain goes careening down the road of life.

Whole is an unbroken or undamaged state that is complete in and of itself. We are born to this life whole and complete. The place of magical uniqueness deep within us is where our ‘self’, our ‘soul’ resides. It’s the familiar, unchanging, unwavering voice we’ve known all our lives. Our wholeness is softly, quietly waiting inside each one of us; waiting to be heard and called forth to participate in the dance of life.

When you notice thoughts and behaviors that are not contributing to your well-being but are merely filling a hole, what is the first step to move toward wholeness and true desire?

 Our greatest gift of consciousness is the ability to observe, to notice. What comes after the noticing you ask? A pause. And then a shift – away from the habitual, away from the voice in your head. A shift toward the voice in your heart, in your soul. Listening and hearing the voice who knows. Your voice of wisdom, your truth.

Bringing this simple but profound awareness to your life and acting on it by shifting your brain to the conclusion you are already whole, opens your heart and allows you to move forward into your truth where the hidden whole can show itself and contribute to your life. 

When you shift your mind, remember, and reconnect with the conclusion that you are already whole, you have the power to discern and make the next move. When you notice you’ve gone off track (yet again ☺), cry bulls**t! Chuckle at the silly brain and the games it plays. When you shift your mind, remember, and reconnect with the conclusion that you are already whole, you have the power to discern and make the next move.

  • Notice
  • Pause
  • Check in
  • Discern
  • Decide
  • Act

You are the leader of your life. You have the ability to notice, wake up, and train your brain to focus on what you truly want to do with your precious time, money and energy. You are the leader of your life, always have been, always will.

Think you’re on the wrong path? Feeling lost, stuck, resigned or disenchanted?

To learn more about uniting your soul and your goal, reach out. I’d be delighted to hear from you.