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Available in person, virtually and by phone

Hello! I’m Angela.


I’m Dr. Angela Santavicca and for over 25 years I have helped thousands of individuals overcome their fears, implement systems that work, and create meaningful, sustained results. My talents working with others draw from a variety of disciplines including the physical and emotional precision and finesse of clinical dentistry, owning my own business, building physical spaces from the ground up, serving as leader, workshop designer, facilitator, teacher and coach.

I’m able to focus on you and what you want from your life and career. This means supporting your goals and you.

I am passionate about living an undivided life, making significant transformations in my own life and career. As a successful entrepreneur and pioneer, I’ve lived experiences of struggles and triumphs.

I believe anyone can move from their current circumstance to a new way of being. This is where true transformation and sustained results happen. My coaching services are centered in ontology- the state of being. As an integrative practitioner I understand the developmental metamorphosis that occurs with transformation. Supporting clients to heal and grow is essential to success.

All of my services are designed to:

  • help you be your best self and bring that to your work and life
  • become clear on what you want
  • create physical and emotional well being so you have the energy to realize your goals
  • allow living your aspirations with ease

I’m committed to making your aspirations a reality, easily and naturally. It does not matter if you seek my services as an individual, company or organization; what I do makes it easy to be you.

  • Coach, Academy of Coaching Excellence
  • Brainspotting Therapist
  • Firefly Light Therapist nationally certified
  • Qigong Instructor
  • Licensed Holistic Dentist NH/VT

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How I’ve helped others


Thank you for offering this course. I would, indeed, recommend this workshop—not only is the material helpful, but your presentation style is very warm and inviting. I don't have any suggestions for improvement.

Christine S45

Dr. Santavicca is open, warm and welcoming. She helped me correct the past and get healthy for the future.

Amelia L58

Angela has always been an extremely friendly, helpful caring person. She's very thorough, more so than I ever could have imagined.

Mark C61

What I really like best is the whole approach. It's not one part or another but that everything is brought together.


I feel better and I’m happier; it seems like a miracle!


Coaching Packages

Available in person, virtually and by phone

(3-4 months)
  • Achieve initial results
  • Complete a small project
  • Create a launchpad
(9-12 months)
  • Brave transformation
  • Complete a major project
  • Live your dream with ease

Direct your energy, make your aspirations a reality

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